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Annual General Meeting Round Up 2010

Eastbridge NA

Annual General Meeting Round Up 2010 The ENA Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday, November 10th. Chairperson Cindy Watkin discussed updates from the last year including the success of the Pilot Parks Watch Program, Fire Station #4’s opening and the upcoming event to light the tree, Millen Woods opening and a possible donation for the school mentioned.

Financially the ENA is in a similar position as to that of last year, approximately $56,000 Net Worth with $25,000 of that designated for expenses in the Genstar developed area of our neighbourhood. With their financial obligation complete, we have entered into an agreement with City of Waterloo’s Partners in Parks program to take care of many of those things such as electrical expenses, maintenance to the gazebos etc.

The biggest challenge for the ENA this past year has been recruiting new folks to the board. The Teddy Bear Picnic didn’t happen simply because there wasn’t anyone able to run the event. We need someone to assist with Special Events now or events may not be offered in the future!

Dave Halapir was congratulated on 12 years with the ENA, he’s been a board member from the very beginning, October 1998! Thank You Dave!

The election was held for board member positions, changes are as follows: Gene will take on the role of Vice Chair in addition to Secretary, Dana would like to be Volunteer Director if a replacement could be found as soon as possible for Special Events Director, Judy Sewell accepted an Advisor position. Currently the Childcare Registry position is open, as is one Advisor position. Joy Gould decided not to return to the ENA and sent a message to wish the group well in the future. Boardmembers were thanked for their dedication and commitment to the ENA and our neighbourhood!

Gene DiMera gave a presentation about the Outdoor Fitness Project Proposal he’s been working on as a possible ENA iniative. The group is most excited about this! He discussed challenges, financial implications, safety concerns and City input to date. There are sponsorship possibilities and he will continue to work on the proposal.

Rod Spane spoke about possibilities and challenges with the gardens and medians, he’s spoken with the City in preliminary discussions and the board needs to decide which avenue to take in the next few months.

Councillor Diane Freeman spoke about the success of the Pilot Parks Watch Project, the recent opening of Fire Station #4, and too discussed current traffic issues -specifically speeding on certain streets- in the neighbourhood and possible solutions. There will be a Finance & Budget committee that will be set up in the New Year and she mentioned that Council will need citizens to volunteer to take part. Diane also mentioned the fact that she’d like to be pro-active working with citizens if there are concerns about parking and traffic around Millen Woods PS. As Gene is on the Safety Committee at the school, he will discuss that with the group to inquire about issues, and get back to Diane with information. She also mentioned the recent letter the ENA sent to Council requesting the revision of the Region’s Transportation Master Plan in regards to Northfield Drive upgrades and let the group know that is was passed in Council, upgrades should begin in a year or so. As well, Diane commended the group for their efforts and positive impact being made in our community.

The group decided on a date for the Tree Lighting at the Fire Station, Saturday, December 11th at 6pm.

There was a draw for door prizes, and everyone was thanked for coming out!