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Message from the Chair Cindy Watkin - Waterloo East Fire Station #4 Plans back to the Drawing Board

Eastbridge NA

Hello Eastbridge Neighbours! Welcome to our new and improved website! If you have something you wish to include here for fellow residents, please do not hesitate to let us know via email to or , we are attempting to include a variety of Community events so if you have something to add, we'lll do our best to add it. As well, if you have a question, concern or comment please feel free to contact one of our dedicated volunteer board members (listed in the "Contacts" section) or myself at Your input is appreciated! The "Message from the Chair" article on this site is... intended to give updates on timely issues that Eastbridge may be facing, current events or general information, beginning today with a Fire Station update. "Waterloo East Fire Station #4 Plans back to the Drawing Board" Currently plans are underway for the future construction of City of Waterloo Fire Station #4 which would be located on University Ave East and Woolwich Street. Details from Fire Chief de Hooge can be found in the June 2007 edition of the Eastbridge Insight. Below is the ENA presentation for Council April 14th, written by myself and Janice Shaw, one of our Environment Directors kindly presented it. "Good Evening. Thank you Mayor Halloran and Councillors for the opportunity to speak tonight. I am here on behalf of the Eastbridge Neighbourhood Association in an effort to show support for proposed City of Waterloo Fire Station #4. Cindy Watkin, our Chairperson, sends her regrets, she had to leave to attend a prior commitment. Fire Services is one of the most important factors contributing to the safety and well being of any neighbourhood, right along with EMS and Police. To have a Fire Station in our vicinity would absolutely benefit the 2100 plus homes in Eastbridge as well as the schools, neighbouring folks and businesses. Fire Chief de Hooge has already extended an offer of friendship and good will towards our neighbourhood and it is much appreciated; the "Safe Haven" would provide a sense of security above and beyond for all residents, but especially the children; the meeting room may be available for our Association to utilize; we have discussed planting a tree on site for an annual tree lighting and carol sing at holiday time; joint fundraising ventures have been considered. All of these things would add to the positive sense of Community that is so very important. The bottom line is, however, safety. The risk involved with any fire is instantaneous and very real, to be protected is of utmost importance to any family, actually to every family. The station is required, and it is required now. The peace of mind and physical presence of Fire Station #4 and Waterloo's dedicated crew of Firefighters would speak volumes about the level of commitment and care for the residents of Eastbridge from the City of Waterloo. We would very much appreciate the station being constructed as soon as possible for this very reason; to keep our neighbourhood safe. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!" As a member of the Steering Committee for proposed Station #4, I have had the privilege over many months of learning first hand about all that is involved in the planning process and how extensive it is. I would not have committed my time and efforts had I not felt that the Station is absolutely necessary to keep our neighbourhood safe. It is required and it is required as soon as possible. As you may be aware, after this presentation (and others that evening) Council decided to send the plans for Fire Station #4 "back to the table" for further revisions. Councillor Diane Freeman would be the person to contact should you have concerns about this decision. Cindy Watkin Chairperson