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Update from Councillor Freeman

Eastbridge NA

As the warmer weather gives way to fall rains and cooler air, the activity in the green spaces in Eastbridge starts to wane. This brings much relief to many of the neighbours who continue to have significant struggles with misuse of the spaces by teens and young adults. Over the past months I have received many emails and participated in a variety of meetings associated with two primary issues in the Eastbridge neighbourhood. These issues can be summarized as follows: Traffic concerns are related to speeding primarily on Eastbridge, Chesapeake and New Hampshire and illegal parking around the elementary schools. I was advised that the problems related to speeding are very obvious during morning/evening “rush hour” and at dusk and into the evening.

The second traffic concern relates to families continuing to illegally park on neighbourhood streets surrounding St. Lukes and Lester B. Pearson school. In some cases vehicles are parked in private driveways blocking residents in their own garages.

Evening Activities in the parks and green spaces: Information continues to be received related to constant occurrences in the evenings, in which there is good weather, related to excessive noise (often until 1 and 2 am); drug abuse in dark spaces such as the pirate ship in the Eastbridge Green Park; alcohol abuse in public places; graffiti; stealing; trespassing associated with property damage; loitering and other illicit activities.

In an effort to continue to work on the issues discussed above, I arranged a meeting with Waterloo Regional Police, City of Waterloo By-Law, Eastbridge citizens, the General Manager of Public Works, the Director of Parks as well as myself. As well, I met with the chairperson of the Eastbridge neighbourhood Association. Sorting through the above issues will not be easy, but it is agreed that pro active steps will be initiated by all to start the process towards improving situation.

Traffic concerns remain a challenge within the neighbourhood. The traffic calming recommendations were implemented at the time the subdivision was developed, but people continue to speed even with the measures in place. As recommended by Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS) I placed a call to request that Chesepeake, New Hampshire and Eastbridge be included in the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program.

As well, By-Law officers have been requested to add the streets surrounding the elementary schools to their rotating schedule of parking enforcement in and around school zones. I understand the thoughts of driving to the school, dropping off children and immediately heading to work in the same vehicle. I further recognize the added time required to walk children to school at the beginning of very busy days and mornings. The difficulty is that vehicles are preventing families from leaving their homes, safely exiting their driveways and overall increases stress and anxiety for everyone. If you currently drive your children to school as opposed to walking, please consider ways in which you could eliminate the drive by sharing the walk with a neighbour every other day or through a “walking school bus” from your street.

With a new school on the horizon, it was also requested that staff look into setting up a “hot zone” restricted to school operating hours around the new school to be established. This zone will be like the one set up by the school board and the City at the new elementary school on the west side. This hot zone will prevent parking and stopping. The school is intended to be a walkable school and for the sake of the neighbours living closest to the school I do hope that Eastbridge families will embrace the concept. It was this concept that assisted the trustees in supporting the school in this location.

As the colder weather approaches please remember that the City has passed an anti-idling bylaw requiring vehicles to be turned off when waiting longer than three minutes.

With regard to the issues in the public green spaces the following next steps are underway:

Completion of a Crime Prevention through Design Audit of the Eastbridge Green playground and the other green spaces. City staff and WRPS as well as neighbours of the green space will work together to complete this Audit as soon a possible. Subsequent to the Audit I will arrange for a follow up meeting with neighbours and the Eastbridge Association representatives to discuss the findings and the opportunities for implementation of the recommendations. We will report on the findings in the upcoming neighbourhood newsletter. Engaging the Eastbridge Neighbourhood: As a part of this work, I will strive to keep the Neighbourhood up to date with progress on the concerns via articles to the Newsletter and the website. Some of the proactive work that is recommended to be undertaken by interested citizens include the following:

WRPS requested that interested individuals keep a log of the evening activates including information such as: date; time of day; location of activity; number of individuals involved; basic description of the individuals; vehicle make/model/colour/license plate; and some description of the activities that are observed. These reports can be submitted directly to Staff Sergeant Russo with WRPS or to me and I will forward them to WRPS.

Neighbourhood Watch is a proactive program, but requires volunteers to assist with running the program. The Eastbridge Neighbourhood association has put out calls for volunteers for this program in the past. To date very few people have responded with a willingness to participate.

In an effort to increase the visibility of enforcement activity it is requested that citizens continue to report noise complaints. If complaints are identified as “just noise” and not combined with illegal activity City By-Law staff can respond. Calls still need to be dispatched by WRPS at 519-653-7700. Do not call 911 for a noise complaint. For reporting of parking violations contact City By-Law directly at 519-747-8785 during daytime hours (8:30-5pm). After 5pm contact WRPS at the number noted above.

Clearly undertaking all of the work above will take time and a willingness on behalf of Eastbridge residents to assist with resolving some of the items. Eastbridge is a gem of a community and has the strongest neighbourhood association in my ward. I continue to be impressed by the Eastbridge Neighbourhood board of directors. I thank them for their commitment to work with the City and WRPS to try to improve the community.

I certainly value your comments on this article. I can be contacted at . Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 December 2011 )


Eastbridge NA

The ENA Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 7pm, Lester B Pearson Public School Library. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to join our board, this is the time to do so!!! There are a number of issues that have cropped up in Eastbridge and we will be sharing important updates at this meeting. Guest speakers to be announced. Please note at the time of posting this announcement, we have yet to have the location confirmed, and therefore, this date may change. We will post confirmation as soon as the School Board advises us of availability that evening, and as well will post the signs on the entrances prior to the meeting. Thanks for your patience.

If you require further information please contact Chairperson Cindy Watkin at 519-501-7704

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 7pm

Eastbridge NA

The ENA Annual General meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 4, 2009 at 7pm, Lester B Pearson Public School in the Library. If you'd like to learn more about our community, what the ENA does, current issues and possible solutions, this is the time to come out. We are also looking for additional board members and volunteers! Special guests include John deHooge, General Manager of Protective Services, City of Waterloo Fire Rescue and also representation from Waterloo Regional Police Services.

If you have any questions, please contact Chairperson Cindy Watkin at 519-883-4075

Kiwanis Park - NOT FOR SALE!

Eastbridge NA

NOT FOR SALE!Kiwanis Park is once again in danger!

Please visit and sign the online petition.

The City of Kitchener has targeted Kiwanis Park as a priority on a list of parks to be declared "surplus" and sold for development. Jeff Willmer, Interim Director of Planning was quoted in The Record "The development of the sites would create jobs and generate tax revenue." Willmer goes on to say "These pieces of land really are not needed to meet a need, there is no gap in the supply of park land." Pieces of land?

This 'piece of land' is not for sale! This park, this natural haven is for treasuring, for walking, for swimming, for picknicking, for canoeing, for reading, for skiing, for kite flying, for skating, for jogging, for cycling, for birdwatching, for meditating, for playing. for fishing, for me, for you, for everyone but never, ever for sale.

Kiwanis Park is in desperate need of protection now.

Fortunately, Kiwanis Park has a friend in Councillor John Gazzola. Quoted in the same article he states "I am opposed to selling any park land. It makes no sense. You've got to look down the road 100 years from now. Once that park land is gone you are never going to get it back."

Fortunately, Kiwanis Park has a lot of friends, but the Park can't speak for itself. It needs your voice.

A web page has been created as a tool to help raise a clear and strong voice that says "NOT FOR SALE!"

LBP Community needs your help

Eastbridge NA

The LBP Community needs your help. Volunteers are needed to support many of the LBP Parent Council activities, including Community Spirit Events, Pizza Lunch and Milk Program, and special fundraising activities during the next school year. You can make a huge impact with as little time as 20 minutes per week. The time of day varies by the activity - we are sure we can find something to fit your schedule! If you can find any time in your busy day or evening, please call 519-880-0300 or email

SCHOOL LOCATION DECIDED! Recent Update now included

Eastbridge NA

The opening of the new school named Millen Woods Public School to be located on New Hampshire street has been delayed until September 2011. Full details can be found on the WRDSB site.

On October 20, 2008 a number of concerned folks presented at the Waterloo Regional District School Board Committee of the Whole as delegates to voice their thoughts about the possible school location. The Trustees, did asked a number of thought provoking questions and in the discussion thereafter many, many different aspects of both locations (across University Ave on Woolwich or on the Eastbridge Schooner/New Hampshire site) were considered at length. The end result was that the Trustees overwhelmingly voted in favour of constructing a JK-6 school on the Schooner site to be opened September 2010! I'd like to say a hearty Thank You to each of you who contributed in any way, large or small, to a positive outcome over the past several months, the teamwork shown was second to none and truly an inspiration!

Cindy Watkin Chairperson Eastbridge Neighbourhood Association


Eastbridge NA

Remember when Scouts … Did good deeds. Helped friends and neighbours. Planted trees to take care of the world. Respected others and themselves. Shared stories around the campfire. Learned skills to be tomorrow’s leaders. Enjoyed being kids.

We still do! Boys & Girls Beavers (5-7 years old) Cubs (8-10 years old) Scouts (11-14 years old) Venturers (15-18 years old) Men and Women Rovers (18-26 years old) Leaders (18 and up)

For more information regarding a Scout group nearest you, contact: David White: (519) 742-6047 Email: Visit:

Download Pdf Flyer

Current Volunteer Opportunity

Eastbridge NA

Current Volunteer Opportunity55+ Drop-In Host/Hostesses Would you enjoy meeting and greeting older adults in a pleasant, social environment? Can you share a few hours on Thursday afternoons, twice a month or occasionally, from late October till June? If so, consider volunteering as a host or hostess for the City of Waterloo 55+ Drop-In: an informal program, held Thursdays, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m., in Brick Brewery’s Hospitality Room, King Street, Waterloo. This is an ideal volunteer position for out-going adults. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends or to volunteer along with a current friend. Call 519-888-6488, today!

City of Waterloo Volunteer Services, 519-888-6488 TTY: 1-866-786-3943

Volunteer Opportunity - Driver Volunteers

Eastbridge NA

Waterloo Home Support Services (WHSS) arranges caring support for older adults or other clients, who could not otherwise access the programs or services they need to stay independent or involved within their community.Weekday volunteer drivers assist WHSS clients and participants in Waterloo’s Senior Outing Day Program. Driver Volunteers are caring community members who generously share some weekday hours, their driving skills and their vehicles. They escort clients to City programs at the Waterloo Adult Recreation Centre, or to medical or other appointments, for their shopping needs, etc. (Mileage and incidental costs are reimbursed) If you - or someone you know - can share some weekday time and a positive and caring attitude, to assist our program participants and clients, we look forward to speaking with you about volunteer driving. Call Angie, 519-579-6930, or email


Waterloo Home Support Services Ph: 519-579-6930; TTY: 1-866-786-3943

New School Location Not Certain

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New Northeast Waterloo School Approved Site yet to be DeterminedMonday, June 23, 2008, Kitchener, Ontario….At a Board meeting held this evening, trustees gave final approval for the construction of a new junior kindergarten to grade 6 facility on a site yet to be determined.

Board Chair, Andrea Mitchell commented, “Staff will consult with the City of Waterloo to clarify their plans and the schedule for development in the northeast area of Waterloo. The report will come back to trustees in September 2008.”

Provided the Ministry of Education gives approval, the new school is scheduled to open in September 2010. Approximately 400 junior kindergarten to grade 6 students currently attending Lester B. Pearson PS will attend the new school.

The enrolment at Lester B. Pearson PS has been a concern in recent years as the enrolment has grown well beyond the building’s capacity. The school currently has 1007 students accommodated in the school and in portables.

Media Contact: Andrea Mitchell, Chairperson of the Board, 519-621-9475 Reference: Margaret Coleman, Manager of Communications – 519-570-0003 ext. 4137 or


Lester B Pearson Boundary

Eastbridge NA

The Waterloo District Regional School Board Trustees have voted in favour of constructing a JK-6 School behind Schooner Crescent in Eastbridge to change the Lester B Pearson boundary and address the overpopulation at LBP. This is in tentative stages as final approvals etc are still necessary later this month, and it would be scheduled to open September 2010. At the WRDSB meeting Monday night, many concerned Eastbridge residents pulled together to voice their opinions and the Trustees listened! Further details will be in the September edition of the Insight, the deadline had passed by many weeks to include anything in the June edition that is currently being delivered to every home. Below is Chairperson Cindy Watkin's presentation to the School Board which sums up the scenarios and concerns: Presentation Regarding the LBP Boundary Review, Monday, June 2, 2008 Good evening, Madame Chair and Trustees, thank you for the opportunity to present tonight. I have the distinct privilege of being here with three "hats" on; as a member of the Boundary Study Working Group, Chairperson of the Eastbridge Neighbourhood Association and concerned parent. I'd like to address the three scenarios from the Report to Committee of the Whole:

Scenario 1a - To build a JK-6 school east of University Ave East In a nutshell, folks do not want their children leaving the Eastbridge community to cross University Ave to attend school. Concerns are: 1) Eastbridge residents were assured when they bought their homes that there would be schools a safe walking distance and within the boundary of the Eastbridge community. This vibrant, spirited, caring community would be divided. 2) University Avenue is an extremely busy, speed ridden road, our home backs onto it and I can attest to that. Large trucks and commuters use it daily, crossing medians have been demolished. The Report of Committee says that "a parallel situation existed for crossing Bridge Street when LBP opened" (page 4), but as a four lane, straightaway road in my opinion, there is no comparison at all. Safety is of a major concern and rightly so. 3) The population numbers at LBP would again increase as folks enroll their kids in French Immersion to keep them there, possibly even when the children aren't suited to the program and once more creating an issue with high numbers at LBP. 4) Why consider the future growth of the rural east lands when it hasn't even been officially designated by the City of Waterloo as residential? This just does not make sense. The Report to Committee actually states when discussing the Schooner option that it is "somewhat removed from the rural east lands." (page 3) well, for Eastbridge children to go over to this location is also "somewhat removed"! Some of the alternative options discussed at the working group were; could bussed students go to Elizabeth Ziegler PS who needs students? Could our 7&8s attend Lincoln Heights? Would a portapack on site be possible? Could French Immersion be moved? As well, many folks are concerned about Colonial Acres' students coming to overpopulated LBP. We heartily suggested a school be built in their neighbourhood, solving both the LBP number issue, giving them a school nearby and also including the Kraus Drive students in the mix. We were told there was no land available for this. I must ask though, were all of these possibilities completely exhausted? Could there be a possible solution in the mix? Scenario#2 - An Addition to LBP To construct an addition to LBP has come up as the preferred option by many people I've spoken to and at the public meetings it was evident. A bit of preliminary research shows that WT Townshend PS in Kitchener had 780 students enrolled last September, even with the additional school built nearby. LBP is effectively handling 1000 already; quite frankly I think this is a testament to the WRDSB, Principal Donna Robinson and Faye Lootsma before her, to the Vice Principals, teachers and staff! It is a school filled with spirit and caring individuals who give of their all each and every day for the students and families of Eastbridge! The Report to Committee actually sums this scenario nicely: "Aside from the site issues a facility of this size will raise, many of these concerns would be resolved by an addition, which would include additional core facilities including a third gym or multipurpose room." (page 3) Scenario #5- A JK-6 School built at Schooner This land is already "on hold" for an additional public school in Eastbridge so obviously it was planned for originally, and some folks have indicated they'd prefer their children attend a smaller school within the community making this too, a viable option. Why not create additional stories in the plan if the site isn't perfect, or maybe locate another piece of land WITHIN the boundaries of Eastbridge? This location could also keep both LBP and this school within the guideline of 600 students from the Good Schools Standing Report. If there is development in the rural east lands in the future, why not have those children attend this location if there is no threshold there for another school? Why displace hundreds of our children to that location in the meantime? In closing, I thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening. While I am not a planning expert, I do know the residents of Eastbridge and they have entrusted me to bring forth their opinions. I have done my best to do so over the last five months as well as here tonight. I do believe you will consider all of the data, input and opinions to come up with a creative, thoughtful resolution, one that benefits the families who have put their trust in you as elected officials, and one that suits our community. Thanks again! Cindy Watkin

Girl Guides of Canada

Eastbridge NA

Take the first step to make the difference in the life of a girl in Waterloo

Volunteer today with the largest organization in Canada, and the world, for girls and women.

Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council is looking for women

18 years of age and older to provide leadership to our girl members.

Volunteers must demonstrate the following:

Positive role modeling

Effective communication skills

Strong values, social conscience and responsibility

Leadership and life skills

The desire to empower girls to reach their potential

Commitment to girl-centred programming

By volunteering with Girl Guides:

You will get a chance to make a difference in the life of a girl

You can choose to work with girls ranging in age from 5 to 17 in a Spark, Brownie, Girl Guide, Pathfinder or Ranger Unit

You will experience a rewarding opportunity to help girls & young women develop leadership skills and become responsible members of the community.

You will be helping girls and young women discover how to connect with their wider world

You will make lasting friendships

As a Girl Guide member, you will help girls:

Develop a sense of responsibility and independence

Develop team skills and respect for each other

Develop leadership skills

Offer service in their communities

Discover the best in themselves

Screening: Girl Guides is dedicated to the development of girls. Since adult members are important role models for the girls and young women in our organization, all potential volunteers are required to complete our volunteer screening process.

Training: Girl Guides is committed to supporting you in your volunteer position. Trainings are available face-to-face or through our e-learning modules to assist you in your role. All adult members are required to complete an orientation session and training on our risk management procedures.

Please contact us to find out more about making the difference in the lives of girls and young women!

Contact By: Email Phone 1-800-565-8111

For more information visit: or

Making Gardens Available for Everyone

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If you live in Kitchener-Waterloo and have traveled around the city even a little bit, chances are youhave passed by community garden. Community gardening is a growing phenomenon in North America as people assemble to create small islands of agriculture in urban settings. The benefits of

If you live in Kitchener-Waterloo and have traveled around the city even a little bit, chances are you have passed by community garden. Community gardening is a growing phenomenon in North America as people assemble to create small islands of agriculture in urban settings. The benefits of community gardening are manifold. For the individual, they offer exercise; fresh air; the freshest food available; grocery savings; a chance to connect with neighbours. For the community, the gardens help to bring people together; they beautify the area; help children learn where our food comes from and the skills involved in its production; and community gardens have even been shown to lower crime rates - making our neighbourhoods safer, healthier places to live. In the Waterloo Region, the Community Garden Network was formed in 1997 with help from the Region of Waterloo Public Health, the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Working Center. A Community Garden Council formed in 2005 to promote support Community Gardens in the region. The Council with its partnerships plus many, many local residents have helped the number of community gardens grow to over 35 in the region with several new gardens coming on board each year. The Council provides support through garden workshops and access to Master Gardeners – those much coveted experts of organic agriculture. The City of Kitchener provides support though start-up grants and access to land. There is almost certainly a community garden near you! Check out (click resources then community gardens) or call 519-883-2004 x 5336 for more details. Victoria Hills Multicultural Community Garden is the oldest community garden in Waterloo Region. Nestled in a patch of city land between Westmount and Fisher-Hallman, the garden offers space to local residents to flex their green (or brown!) thumb and grow their own vegetables, herbs and flowers. Each of the 24 plots is approximately 15 ft x 15 ft and the small rental fee also guarantees access to water and tools. This garden is one of the most multicultural gardens in the city and the provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the different vegetables and gardening practices used around the world. If you wish to sign on for a plot in the Victoria Hills Community Garden, plan to attend one of the information meetings at the Victoria Hills Community Centre scheduled for April 17 7-9 pm or May 15 7-9pm or call 519-745-7242. Willow Green Community Garden is a beautiful plot of land surrounded by a rustic wooden fence. Located next to Schneider Creek and the Iron Horse Trail, this garden is one of the newest community gardens in the city. With designated patches for vegetables, perennial herbs and flowers, this garden has a very attractive layout. All plots in the Willow Green Community Garden are currently booked, however, the group is still taking names of interested persons for their waiting list. Contact Ralph (519)-742-8273 for details. Eden's Gate Community Garden is one of the larger gardens in the region with 36 plots. The garden was founded by the Seventh Day Adventist Church in 2007 to provide growing space for residents of the surrounding neighbourhood, members of the church as well as to grow food for the St. John's Kitchen. The contact for this garden is Carmela at 519-573-1837. Forest Hill United Church Community Garden started as a small potato patch designed to grow food for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region. Over the years, the garden has developed to include raised garden plots available to local residents. A limited number of plots are available for 2008. Contact Stephen of the Forest Hill United Church at 519-741-1296 for details. Happy gardening!

Message from the Chair Cindy Watkin - Waterloo East Fire Station #4 Plans back to the Drawing Board

Eastbridge NA

Hello Eastbridge Neighbours! Welcome to our new and improved website! If you have something you wish to include here for fellow residents, please do not hesitate to let us know via email to or , we are attempting to include a variety of Community events so if you have something to add, we'lll do our best to add it. As well, if you have a question, concern or comment please feel free to contact one of our dedicated volunteer board members (listed in the "Contacts" section) or myself at Your input is appreciated! The "Message from the Chair" article on this site is... intended to give updates on timely issues that Eastbridge may be facing, current events or general information, beginning today with a Fire Station update. "Waterloo East Fire Station #4 Plans back to the Drawing Board" Currently plans are underway for the future construction of City of Waterloo Fire Station #4 which would be located on University Ave East and Woolwich Street. Details from Fire Chief de Hooge can be found in the June 2007 edition of the Eastbridge Insight. Below is the ENA presentation for Council April 14th, written by myself and Janice Shaw, one of our Environment Directors kindly presented it. "Good Evening. Thank you Mayor Halloran and Councillors for the opportunity to speak tonight. I am here on behalf of the Eastbridge Neighbourhood Association in an effort to show support for proposed City of Waterloo Fire Station #4. Cindy Watkin, our Chairperson, sends her regrets, she had to leave to attend a prior commitment. Fire Services is one of the most important factors contributing to the safety and well being of any neighbourhood, right along with EMS and Police. To have a Fire Station in our vicinity would absolutely benefit the 2100 plus homes in Eastbridge as well as the schools, neighbouring folks and businesses. Fire Chief de Hooge has already extended an offer of friendship and good will towards our neighbourhood and it is much appreciated; the "Safe Haven" would provide a sense of security above and beyond for all residents, but especially the children; the meeting room may be available for our Association to utilize; we have discussed planting a tree on site for an annual tree lighting and carol sing at holiday time; joint fundraising ventures have been considered. All of these things would add to the positive sense of Community that is so very important. The bottom line is, however, safety. The risk involved with any fire is instantaneous and very real, to be protected is of utmost importance to any family, actually to every family. The station is required, and it is required now. The peace of mind and physical presence of Fire Station #4 and Waterloo's dedicated crew of Firefighters would speak volumes about the level of commitment and care for the residents of Eastbridge from the City of Waterloo. We would very much appreciate the station being constructed as soon as possible for this very reason; to keep our neighbourhood safe. Thank you so much for your time and consideration!" As a member of the Steering Committee for proposed Station #4, I have had the privilege over many months of learning first hand about all that is involved in the planning process and how extensive it is. I would not have committed my time and efforts had I not felt that the Station is absolutely necessary to keep our neighbourhood safe. It is required and it is required as soon as possible. As you may be aware, after this presentation (and others that evening) Council decided to send the plans for Fire Station #4 "back to the table" for further revisions. Councillor Diane Freeman would be the person to contact should you have concerns about this decision. Cindy Watkin Chairperson

Details from the Annual General Meeting 2007

Eastbridge NA

Details from the Annual General Meeting Held on October 24, 2007 at Lester B. Pearson Public School

Attendance was lower than other years, so to each of you who attended, thanks for giving of your time. Following is an excerpt of Chairperson Cindy Watkin’s update of what’s been going on in the past year including current challenges and successes:

1) The ad system for the newsletter – We’ve completed an overhaul of the ad system as it was to eliminate a wait list of potential advertisers by including the ad feature pages, changing our annual ad contract to include more advertisers, increase ad rates to maximize ad revenue without compromising content to ad ratio. In the past two years the newsletter has gone from just breaking even to making money for the ENA and the feedback from Eastbridge residents, advertisers and City officials has been very positive. 2) New events – The Scavenger Hunt in September was an absolute success, particularly those families with kids age 8 and up. We are also hosting a celebration to commemorate Waterloo’s 150th Birthday during the Holiday season with such things as a horse drawn trolley, bake-off and Santa’s arrival in Eastbridge. 3) Volunteer Appreciation – A new thank you program was introduced to show appreciation for everyone who gives of their time at our events; popular chocolate bars were given out with a creative message on the label from the ENA. 4) Recurring events – We hosted a number of events over the course of the year (some free) such as the Teddy Bear Picnic, snowy Easter Egg Hunt, Family Skates, Halloween party, and our annual Family Fun Day; the silent auction at this event raised substantial funds while approximately 1500 folks attended, including Mayor Halloran. We are appreciative that the City of Waterloo provides us with an operating grant that varies each year to help with expenses of our events and also for the ongong support of Lori Ludwig. 5) Bouncy Castle Program – While this program gave lots of kids a great birthday party over the summer season (and the past three before that) it was one laden with issues. The castles kept breaking down, needing replaced, changing in size due to availability at suppliers... while we did raise funds with the program recently the board decided after much deliberation not to continue with it for the 2008 season because of the various issues. 6) Our book club has gone by the wayside, mainly due to scheduling difficulties. 7) The playgroups and childcare registry are still popular, valued by both current residents and those moving into Eastbridge. The Website has been updated and offers much more including photos and current info. 8) Genstar is still taking care of the hanging pots, annual flowers (purchasing, planting, watering etc.), maintenance and repairs of the gazebos, electrical expenses for the medians... but negotiations with the City of Waterloo are currently underway for their obligation to be completed in the near future. With that will bring new expenses for the ENA (which is part of why we are vehemently fundraising). After numerous discussions over the past few years with Genstar, recently they gave the ENA funds to be set aside as a contribution towards a portion of the future expenses (in the portion of Eastbridge that they developed). We have indeed set the funds aside for this in a separate account along with a portion of ENA fundraised dollars for the future. 9) In a continuing effort to foster a sense of Community with both schools in Eastbridge recently we donated $100 each for books for the school library and we are looking at commemorating Waterloo’s 150th with a them as well. At many of our events we collect donations for the Food Bank of Waterloo Region to help those in need. 10) Graffiti and vandalism were once more this year, an issue. The ENA has welcomed Neighbourhood Watch but the commitment from the community has been sparse. We have had the brush cut back at the gazebos on a regular basis in an effort to keep them visible (and keep bad activities to a minimum), now that they are in plain view it seems to be helping somewhat. 11) Zehrs leaving Conestoga Mall – Loblaw Properties Inc is planning on putting in a super store at a vacant location near King & Weber Streets and possibly closing the Zehrs at the Mall, with no other grocery store in it’s place. After much discussion we decided there was cause for concern and I drafted a letter for Council and Mayor Halloran on behalf of the ENA. It was entered into Council documents, since then Council has voted unanimously to fight the superstore being constructed and the issue is now with the Ontario Municipal Board. 12) Other additions – City of Waterloo Fire Station #4 is coming to our area very soon, plans are under way. We are also hoping for a branch of the Waterloo Public Library, it has been in the budget plans for the City and will be discussed in the weeks to come as the Official Plan for the City is finalized and we are doing what we can to let Council know that Eastbridge residents would very much appreciate a branch nearby. 13) As a team, the ENA continues to work very well together, both at our regular board meetings and behind the scenes working on all of the previous mentioned things. We are though, in need of valued volunteers to assist with events, deliver newsletters and so on. Consider giving a bit of your time as you can. A bit of time can make a lot of difference. I am proud of our ENA accomplishments, proud to work with each board member and would like to thank each one for that, and for the commitment to make our Community a better place. Cindy then handed out personal cards to each board member with a Waterloo 150th pin in appreciation of their efforts. Lori Ludwig, Community Development Program Manager, Community Services with the City of Waterloo spoke for a few minutes, praising the ENA for it’s accomplishments and commended the group on their enthusiasm, hard work and spirit in making our neighbourhood the great community it is. Elections for board positions were held, we are happy to report that all positions are filled, we welcomed new board member Farah to the role of Secretary. A question and answer period rounded out the evening.

Book your Vendor Table at the Family Fun Day

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Vendors Tables- BOOK NOW!! Do you have a home business? A unique product you’d like to advertise and offer the community? Consider renting a table at the Eastbridge Family Fun Day. Held on Sunday, June 24, 2007 from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, the Eastbridge Family Fun Day is a great opportunity to showcase your items. Rent a ½ table for $25.00 or a full table for $40.00. In exchange, you can advertise your product to a captive Eastbridge (and beyond) audience. Over 1,500 people have attended the in the past and we are hoping to increase attendance this year. To rent a table contact or call 725-0993.

Exhibition Tables at the Fun Day

Eastbridge NA

Do you have a home business? A unique product you’d like to advertise and offer the community? Consider renting a table at the Eastbridge Family Fun Day. Held on Sunday, June 24, 2006 from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, the Eastbridge Family Fun Day is a great opportunity to showcase your items. Rent a half table for $25.00 or a full table for $40.00. In exchange, you can sell or advertise your product to a captive Eastbridge (and beyond) audience. Over 1,500 people have attended the in the past and we are hoping to increase attendance this year.

To rent a table contact or call 519-725-0993.

Holiday House Decorating Winners

Eastbridge NA

The Christmas Spirit was everywhere this year. This was a very difficult contest to judge. There were several worthy houses around Eastbridge. Last years winners were exceptional again this year, but we have decided to pick new winners each year. 1st Place 690 Spinnaker Drive Home of Barb and Steve Cachia

2nd Place 530 Starboard Crescent Home of Rodney and Arlene Cressman and family

Hourable Mentions: 502 Lighthouse Pl. 532 Starboard Cres. 648 Yarmouth Cres. (2006 2nd place) 567 Bonavista Dr. 676 Prince Edward Ct. 751 Bonavista Dr. 568 Chesapeake Cres. (2006 1st place) 650 Yarmouth Cres.

Thank you to Kevin Misch of World Wonders for donating a prize