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WRPS Online Reporting

WRPS Online Reporting 

If you see something suspicious, please report it to the Waterloo Regional Police Service. Note, you must meet specific guidelines for online reporting. If you do not, please call 911 in an emergency, or 519-653-7700 for all non-emergency cases.

Click here to fill out an online report

On September 13, 2016, Constable Andy Abra of the Waterloo Regional Police Service spoke at the Ward 4 Neighbourhood Safety meeting. As a whole, Eastbridge is an extremely safe place to live. However, Constable Abra encouraged Eastbridge residents to report ALL thefts and suspicious activity, as that data is used by WRPS supervisors when determining where to station their officers. He also reiterated that most of the crimes are "crimes of opportunity" meaning that thefts are occurring because homeowners have left their cars unlocked, or garage doors open. Keep in mind that, when it comes to preventing crimes, best defense is a good offense. Ensure your homes, cars, and gates are locked at all times, keep valuables out of sight in your car and home, and be a good neighbour - If you see someone with their garage door open late at night, let them know. 

"A lot of the crime around your neighbourhood is not happening in your neighbourhood," said Constable Abra. 

For more information on the occurrence of crimes in Eastbridge, and all of Waterloo Region, visit the Waterloo Regional Police Service's Occurrence Mapping tool. Eastbridge is located in the 'North 6' zone.